Breaking sentences more meaningfully

Often times when inserting a sentence(string) into a predefined database, we run into column character limitations.

Yes, you can use a truncate function but that end up creating meaningful sentences. Not to mention depending on where is breaks, sentence now could have words that you never want to see/display.

Let’s say sentence is, “Quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog”¬†and breaking at 19(i.e. getting the 19 leftmost characters), would make it “Quick brown fox jum”.

I know nothing harmful there but I think I we can be little smarter than that.

Here is what I got, and the final result will be something like, “Quick brown fox“.

Breaking sentences more meaningfully

SQL connecting One Query to another

Just by looking at it seems like this is just an SQL join (or in Coldfusion just a QoQ) but I ran into a complication because one query contains SQL arithmatic and other doesn’t. Obviously SQL JOIN is also out of the picture.

So this is my solution,

<cfquery name="q1" datasource="myDataSource">
 SELECT T1.ItemNo, T1.UnitSize, T2.uCount, (T1.UnitSize * T2.uCount) AS ItemUsedAmt
    (SELECT DISTINCT ItemNo, SUM(UnitCount) AS uCount
    GROUP BY ItemNo) AS T2
 WHERE T2.ItemNo = T1.ItemNo 

(my answer is inspired with internet research and I wish i wrote down the website that lead me to this solution.)

SQL connecting One Query to another