cfgrid – variables and cfcs

The other day I was baffled with a questions of my own(not to say that it doesn’t happen to me often) but I was surprised of the solution I came up with. Alright, here we go.

Recently I was very heavily involved in cfgrids and working on some of the format changes. So what I wanted to do was pass my own variable(s) on top of the regular cfgrid(format) variables.

Question 1. How do I do that?
Then I realized some of these are NOT single values, there are more likely arrays (or String, if I may).

Question 2. How do I pass strings to cfc (because it only accepts arrays) and how to pass them thru cfgrid?

Sooooooo, after much research I found out that passing variables to a cfgrid is done as below.

<cfgrid name="gridname" ........ bind="cfc:myCFC.myFunction({cfgridpage},

cfgrid – variables and cfcs

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