UnhearIt & GetMoreWorkDone

A song to be catchy it doesn’t need to be mean anything at all. but what’s irritating about this is, once it’s in your head you can get it out.

You’ll catch your self humming, or even singing out load whenever there is nobody is around.

Fear not, solution is hear (i mean ‘here’). It’s UnhearIt. This lovely app generates a random song guaranteed(atleast in my case) to get that annoying song out of your head, (well you might get stuck with a new one, but that’s a different problem. May be you can UnhearIt again, circle of life lol.)

Anyway, enjoy, i sure do

UPDATE 08/01/2012

My favorite LifeHacker posted an awesome article about, GetMoreWorkDone.

It’s pretty awesome, check it out.

UnhearIt & GetMoreWorkDone

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