How to remove registration stickers

I don’t know about other states but in PA vehicle registration is a sticker on the left side of the windscreen. it’s a nasty sticker really hard to remove and it want even come out clear.

In my case, my vehicle is registered in DE so DE cops won’t care about an expired PA registration stickers as long as I have valid DE registration sticker on my tags.

But if you are in PA cop can pull you over for expired sticker and even if you explain this is a DE car, I heard they can still give you a sticker for confusing a cop or for still display an expired sticker. You don’t have to go through all that trouble, but if there is an easy way to remove that sticker?

That’s what I thought, so last night I took that project. I heard lipstick removals or blowing a hair dryer would do the trick, but go figure I’m NOT armed with any of those. So I have to find an alternative.

So for the regular people, here is all you need;

  • small piece of cloth (cotton preferably), soak it with water.
  • Something flat with a dull edge. (I used a coaster)

Rub the  cloth against the sticker. If you rub hard enough, you’ll notice some parts of the sticker just come right off. (Numeric month piece for an instance)

Then take the same cloth and coaster make it like Figure 1,


Make sure to cover any edge of the coaster with the cloth cause you don’t want to scratch your windscreen, then just give the sticker a good ol’ a scrape. (FIGURE 2)


Before you know, you’ll have a clean windscreen with no trace of that sticker. Oh yeah,  make sure to clean off any glue marks from the screen, then you are good to go.


If you know any other ways of getting this done, please feel free to share.

How to remove registration stickers

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