Which cell phone to get?

I know this has been the conundrum for many and having so many options is actually not helping at all. Well if you select your carrier then sticking to that, will actually will help to narrow down a bit.

This past Monday(02/15/2010) Microsoft debuted their long-waited window phone 7 series.  I must say it is truly  the next generation of mobile OS. It’s UI is so sleek and everything you would expect is there. I, my self waiting for this release as it’s almost time for me to look into a new mobile device.

But what are we hearing, they have the OS but not the device. WHAT? and it’s expected date to hit the market is 2010 holidays? COME ON.  I was expecting it sooner than that (to be honest I was expecting it from last Monday). Oh well. The downfall of waiting that long, by then the OS is not going to look so innovative. Hard core competitors like Apple and Google gonna beef up their line up so, windows phone 7 by holidays, is not gonna look so unique.

And did I tell you, it looks so much better than both Apple’s iphone 3.1 OS and Google’s Andriod 2.1 (Eclair). (I’m actually not a big fan of Google Andriod, but since I have to get a new phone, Nexus One is also in my set of phones to be consider.)

What’s most interesting is that, it seems like now everyone is releasing phones. Why I say that, today I come to find out PUMA is going to release a phone. YES, you read it right, PUMA the athletic apparel company, competitor of NIKE, ADDIDAS etc.

Check it out.  It’s actually pretty good looking.

So back to squire one, which phone to get? it’s truly up to you coz there is too many choices you have to pick your own. (To be honest I’m lost my self can’t decide what to get. Feel free to comment may be that will help me to make my decision.)

Which cell phone to get?

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