Getting Job done like Jobs

Even though some argues it is talent some might say it’s practice. Either way, Steve Jobs, is a great speaker(where you are PC or MAC).

The other day I came across this very informative video on digital Inspiration.

Video gives an great outline of a ‘Steve Jobs’ presentation, but those who are in a rush here are the main points in bullet form.

  • Setting the Theme of the presentation, i.e. identify  a theme, make sure it’s clear and consistent, sets the direction,  give the audience a reason to listern
  • Provide an outline of your presentation, i.e. open and close each section with a clear transaction, this helps the listerner to follow your presentation
  • Be energetic and show enthusiasm about what you are talking about, make your audience wow-ed
  • Sell Experience, i.e. if you are offering numbers, stats etc. make it meaningful, and connection to what you are talking about
  • Make the presentation an  visual experience, help THEM to paint the picture, i.e. few on bullet points big on visuals
  • Rehearse and rehearse plenty
  • and lastly add ‘One more thing’ this make audience feels like there were given an added bonus

Well hopefully all these tips will be helpful for you to get your job done like Jobs.

Getting Job done like Jobs

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