Assassin’s Creed II -It’s the GAME

First of all, wish you all a very happy new year and may all your dreams come true.

Second, after much anticipation and thanks to someone special, I finally got hold of Assassin’s Creed II(ACII).

Those who know me knows, how much I loved ACI and ACII actually has taken the cake. I gotta say I’m actually half way done with the game, but it’s better than ACI. (Don’t take me wrong, ACI was good, this is just better, in every way) .

Anyways you know what’s follow, my very own review of the game. (Might take a while coz I’m taking my own sweet time to enjoy this game to the most)

UPDATE (02/18/2010):

Yes you guessed it, I’ve finished the game and I’m sad coz it’s over.(Spoiler Alert, READ NO FURTHER if you haven’t finished the game as we will be discussing about the game)

Hands down the best game I’ve played. Everything is just great and right.  Once advise though, if you one of many debating whether or not to download the DLC(Battle of Fori) Ubisoft just released my recommendation , yes do it it’s totally worth it. Not only it fills the gap with sequences (I mean sequence 13, sequence 14 is still yet to be released) makes whole lot of sense to the overall story. I think for me one of the best parts of the entire game was Sequence 13, becoz of the events happing there, how that’s contributing to the overall story and the game play it’s just marvelous.

All in all, once again best game I’ve ever played, wish Ubi will release other sequence(or sequences ) soon, while the game is still fresh and by looking at the way game ended, it’s seems like we have the potential of seeing AS III, lol.

UPDATE 02/23/2010

Sequence 13 DLC is out. Be where there are two types of DLC’s are out. One for 320 MS points and another for bit more. Apparently if you get the later one, it includes additional to 320 DLC. So if you are downloading(I highly recommend to do so) get the later one coz it packs more bang only for a few more bucks. (Wish somebody told me that before, coz I got tricked into 320 DLC. hmmmm)

Assassin’s Creed II -It’s the GAME

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