‘Unfriend’ is friendly now

According to New American Oxford Dictionary, ‘Unfriend’ is a valid word. Not only that, Unfriend is the word of the year.

That got me thinking, the impact facebook have.  All this time, I’m using de-friend to Unfried(i.e. if needed) facebook comes along out of no-where(… yeah ok I know ….) nominates a word, how fare is that….

Well from now on, instead of de-friending, I’ll unfriend.

{What’s really funny is, when I’m typing this blog, automatic spell checker take ‘unfriend’ as a misspelled word. Oh well, I guess may be in the next version it’ll be included}

Along with ‘Unfriend’ there are other interesting nominations, and one of them were ‘netbook’. I didn’t know it wasn’t even a word all this time.

Read More @ CNN

‘Unfriend’ is friendly now

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